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Dick Carter, lo sbirro [AC3.DVDRip] (1968)

Dick Carter, lo sbirro
Film / Azione / Thriller – DURATA 104′ – Gran Bretagna
Dick Carter, lo sbirro streaming cb01... Secret agent John Drake (aka Danger Man) goes to Japan to infiltrate a secret society that specializes in murder. - This film was originally conceived as part of the fourth season of the "Secret Agent" TV series. However, this was the first episode of the season and Patrick McGoohan quit shortly after filming it. Thus it was decided to package a double-episode from a TV show as a full-length movie. Patrick McGoohan quit "Secret Agent" to create "The Prisoner" TV series. - The original individual episodes of "Danger Man" that made up this movie were released for the first time on video in the 1990s. - The original two one-hour episodes that made up this film were broadcast in limited fashion in the UK in 1968.скачать dle 10.4фильмы бесплатно

Dick Carter, lo sbirro


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